Introducing Our History Column

Market Common History

by Melissa LaScaleia

The 4,000-acre area in Myrtle Beach known as the Market Common is a beautiful space with a rich history. Each phase of its evolution, from the first known native peoples— the Waccamaw and Winyah tribes— up to the installment of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, left an indelible mark and added to its richness and diversity.

The military base served our community locally, regionally and nationally, playing a prominent roll in WWII and the events of the 20th century until its closure in 1993. A redevelopment plan was carefully and thoughtfully imagined, ultimately resulting in the Market Common. A live-work-recreation space, the Market Common officially opened in 2008. It is comprised of local as well as nationally known retail stores and restaurants, townhomes and tree-lined avenues, and offers a vast array of opportunities for fun and community while preserving memories of its past.

All of the streets in the district are named after former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base wing and base commanders, or other notable Air Force members who were assigned here. Placards throughout the streets and parks commemorate people, groups, and events that are linked to this area. Warbird Park retains mementos, memorabilia, and even aircraft from the Air Force Base.

In each edition of the Insider, we will feature an article about the history of the area along the Grand Strand— reminders of its roots, and the people and events that contributed to make it the unique place that it is today— beloved by those who visit as well as live here.

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