Flood Zones

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The Insider at the Market Common, along with the PB&Z staff, provide you with the necessary information to

Whether you own or rent a residential or commercial building in the town, you should know which flood zone you are in, the requirements to build in that zone, and the associated elevation requirements. Both the Insider at the Market Common and PB&Z staff will be happy to help you. There are several ways for you to obtain a copy of your elevation certificate.

How do I determine my flood zone and get the information I need?

• Call the Surfside Beach Planning, Building and Zoning Department at 843.913.6341.

• Visit us at Town Hall, 115 US High-way 17 North, Surfside Beach, SC.

• Check the town website, surfside-beach.org under the Flood Plain Re-sources tab.  Elevation certificates are often added for new structures as well as for some existing structures.

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