Who’s in Your Neighborhood?

Market Common Rainbow Row - Market Common Business

Introducing the People and Places that Support You Around the Market Common

by Melissa LaScaleia

The Market Common is an up-and-coming urban development designed according to a comprehensive land-plan, which includes pre-determined commercial, residential, and common recreation areas to make life appealing and convenient for its residents. This means that prospective retailers are welcomed with open arms— to offer as diverse an array of products and services as possible— to support residents’ all-encompassing lifestyle needs and Market Common business.

The juxtaposition of modern-trendy meets laid-back Southern beach is what makes living and visiting here so unique. Well-known retailer chains co-exist with independent and eclectic boutiques, each of which add their own characteristic style to the burgeoning diversity of this place.

The area is ripe for those with an entrepreneurial bent to showcase their talents, services, and products to an influx of receptive retirees, young professionals, and new, young families who are moving here at a rapid pace. This community is growing quickly— so quickly, that who is new and what they’re offering can get lost in the shuffle.

To date, there is no centralized source of what’s happening, when, and where in our community— a cohesive information board that illustrates the range of what this destination has to offer.  

That is the aim and mission of this publication. 

Additionally, every edition of the Insider will highlight several local businesses in which we’ll share the personal tidbits and inside scoop on the faces behind the storefronts. We envision our community having a greater connection with the businesses they support through the stories we tell. 

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