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The Insider at the Market Common was wondering…

Why you need a dog walker?

Dogs are social creatures, just like us. Leaving him alone in the back-yard or apartment will depress him, which will decrease his immune system function. He needs to be with friends most of the time for his immune system to function best. Making sure your dog is not alone and isolated is important not only for his mood (and consequently his immune system, because it’s all connected) but also because, for dogs, company usually means physical activity – games and exercise all around the Market Common.

What do we offer as dog walkers?

Experience and affection towards your dog, make sure your animal is safe and secure with our walkers. Our walkers are certified in animal first aid and carry with them Pet First Aid kit on each walk.

What can of information do we need on each pet?

Lets plan a Meet and Greets in the Market Common so we can answer all your questions. We always required the pets age, veterinarian phone number, home owners phone number and if the dogs is on any medications. Please know that we don’t administer any medications.

Do we walk dogs individually or in groups?

While there is no wrong method, for liability purposes we prefer to walk dogs individual.

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