Manifest Design has unique treasures for women and men— like nautical and aviation-inspired gifts, and tools and gadgets. It's a fun store to visit to while away the time, or find that one-of-kind item you've been searching for.

Manifest Design

The Life in Your Home

by Melissa LaScaleia

Manifest Design is a local small business offering interior design for your home with an accompanying retail boutique comprised of unique gifts and home decor. The concept is the brainchild of Connie Lincoln.

Connie has been an interior designer for over twenty years. To compliment her services, nine years ago she opened a store in Wilmington, North Carolina, that carried home decor and custom made furniture. 

“I noticed that very unique gifts were just not out there,” Connie says. “So I decided to add on to my store and specialize in gifts for men, in addition to our women’s gifts.” 

Together with her husband, Dusty, Connie began to unearth quality, one-of-a-kind treasures that would appeal to men. The two found sextants, compasses, model airplanes, wallets, flasks, tools, barware, games, and hardware-inspired mugs. 

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The 1965 Cobra race car is a showstopper in Connie's store. There's also a wide array of artwork and home furnishings which compliment her interior design services. (Car not for sale) — Photo Meganpixels Parker

Recently, she and Dusty decided to build a home in Myrtle Beach and move their business to the Market Common. 

“We thought this was a beautiful area for shopping, and nicely designed,” Connie says. “We love the walkways, the trees, and the lights at night. We thought it was so much more of a fit for us.” 

Manifest Design has been open in the Market Common for over a year now, delighting patrons with the rare finds they come across. 

“Dusty is a retired U.S. Marine Corp pilot,” Connie says. “So we have a big aviation influence in our store mixed with science-based and nautical themes. We carry very clever things that guys really dig, like multi-function pens that also act as levels, and an extendible flashlight that bends at the end. But the biggest draw is the full-size 1965 Cobra race car we have. It’s a showstopper; and leads to wonderful conversations about cars, racing and automobile engineering. 

“We receive feedback all the time from the men who shop here. They tell us, ‘There are no stores for men in the Market Common, so we love this store.’”   

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Connie Lincoln (above) loves being in the Market Common. "We think this is a beautiful area and nicely designed," she says. — Photo Meganpixels Parker

For women, there are wraps, totes, passport holders, and purses— including a line made from recycled military tents complete with authentic military insignia.  

They also have items that appeal to everyone: greeting cards, a very cute baby section, and a huge array of wine and cheese accessories. And of course, there’s plenty of home decor items, lamps, local artwork, vases, and accent tables.  

“Because I’m an interior designer, I have access to many industry contacts and vendors,” Connie says in answer to the mystery of how and from where she is able to replenish the delightful items she finds for her store.

She offers residential and commercial design services from Manifest Design, including whole-house designs. 

“I have a low-key approach to designing,” she adds. “I create according to my clients’ needs— how they want to live in their space.” 

She also designs custom-built furniture. There is a section in her store dedicated to this, where customers can pick the fabric they want and contribute to the design process. Connie will make recommendations for a style based on the customers’ space and preferences. And, when you purchase furniture from her, her home interior design service is free. 

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Connie offers interior design services from her store, with a wide array of accompanying end tables, artwork, and other sundries available for purchase to compliment her services; there's even in-store art classes as well. —Photo Meganpixels Parker

“My whole mission is to make interior design affordable and accessible to everyone,” Connie says. “Everybody’s situation is unique, so I want to make this an option for all.”  

Connie and her husband really enjoy what they do. Around the holidays, and periodically throughout the year, they’ll serve wine to their guests to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. They also offer weekly art classes in things like jewelry making, acrylic painting, and calligraphy. 

“Our art classes are really popular,” Connie says. “We serve wine at those too, and have a local teacher come in— we all have a really good time.

“People just love our store. A lady came in the other day and was amazed— she thought we should be voted Best of the Beach in Myrtle Beach and wanted to know how to nominate us. And the guys love us, too, they will actually bring their wives or significant others here, as we have so many interesting items in our store you won’t see anywhere else.

“We really make for a fun and fascinating retail therapy session. We have elevated the experience.”

Manifest Design— the life in your home.

Manifest Design

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