Living In Paradise

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From the North to the South, One Man’s Perspective

by Melissa LaScaleia

Living in Paradise, Beauty of God’s Creation in Myrtle Beach, a book by Michael Martin, came out November 1, 2017, published by Micro Press Publishers.

Michael is originally from Ohio and moved to Myrtle Beach almost four years ago. He is so captivated by the beauty of this area and the joy of his journeying here, that he was inspired to write a book about his experience from the perspective of a Northerner.

“My point was to make it personal, to touch the heart,” Michael says. “I saw real beauty here. In the ocean, the trees, the environment, the palm trees, alligators, and birds. Everything down here is really beautiful.”

Michael, his wife, and their family of eight children and five grandchildren used to vacation in Myrtle Beach before they moved here.

“We really loved it,” he tells me. We owned a house in Kentucky, and said we could move here if we sold it, and so we did.”

Michael has traveled the world, and use to write for a newspaper.

“This book was something very different from any of the other books I wrote because it was inspired by a place,” he says. “This was a new venture for me. It’s a really great story about a family that moved here. And it’s informational too. I talk about the best restaurants I’ve eaten at, and places I’ve visited. So it’s a fun read, and in story form.”

Michael loves the Market Common and wants to live here eventually. For now, he’s right around the corner near the Myrtle Beach State Park.

Living in Paradise, Beauty of God’s Creation in Myrtle Beach

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