What Local Businesses Provide for Little River

by Danielle McFadden

There’s a certain glamour when someone says they own a business, but the idea of making lots of money and taking lots of vacations are far from reality. 

Most small business owners work long hours (late nights, early mornings, holidays), and carry a tremendous responsibility for not only their families, but also their employees who depend on them for their livelihood.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community.  It’s important to support them, thank them, and celebrate them. The Little River Chamber of Commerce loves small businesses because they:

Create Jobs

When you hire locally, you are ensuring that our family members, friends and neighbors can make a living. When someone has the resources to live comfortably, they are able to spend money in our community. This is a beautiful circle that helps communities thrive.

Offer Unique Charm

There’s nothing like walking into a local restaurant or retailer. Their uniqueness and personality add to the local landscape.

Have Locally Made Products/Services

There’s something so satisfying and inspiring about purchasing a locally produced product or service. If you support Made in America, you can’t get more authentic than shopping at a mom and pop shop in your city or town.

Pay Taxes

Business owners in Little River pay taxes to Horry County, which creates a bigger tax base that directly benefits our community.

Support Our Community

Local businesses sponsor local youth programs, donate gift certificates to nonprofits, and host fundraisers. They chose Little River to open their business (and invest their time and money), so they inherently care and want to make our area a great place to live, work and play.

What are your favorite local businesses? Help them by leaving them a positive review online, by sharing what they offer to a friend or neighbor who could use the service, and of course, by continuing to do business with them. 

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