--Photo courtesy of Surfside Beach

Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Committee

by the Town of Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach Yard of the month: In addition to community projects the Keep Surfside Beach Committee recognizes exemplary examples of gardening by the residents of Surfside Beach.  The monthly Yard of the Month Award showcases the best of our residents’ efforts in beautification of our neighborhood.  Recipients receive the Surfside Beach Yard of the Month sign placed in their yard.  The homeowner’s landscape picture posted on our KSSB-Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Facebook page and their yard is framed in town hall from the Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Committee.

How your yard can get selected?
We encourage all residents to nominate a neighbor’s yard or even your own yard!  To make a nomination send an email to dherrmann@surfsidebeach.org or nominate a yard in the folder on our KSBB-Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Facebook page The KSBB-Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful committee votes on the nominations at our monthly meetings.

Check out all of our Surfside Beach Yard of the Month winners on our KSBB-Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Facebook page.  We appreciate all of our neighbor’s efforts to Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Lutz for being the recipients of our June Yard of the Month Winners!!

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