Hibiscus Rose Iced Tea

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Hibiscus Rose Iced Tea

Did you know that many of the flowers you grow in your own backyard are edible? Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and hibiscus sabdiriffa are edible varietals of tropical island flowers, originating in the orient as far back as Egyptian times. Not only are they pretty, but consume one and you’ll experience a gentle and heavenly nourishment that’s truly soul-satisfying. Hibiscus has a vibrant, tangy taste— and, with an equally spunky color to match, this flower is sure to get you in the mood for spring. The below makes for a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink.


4 cups water

½ cup dried hibiscus or ¾ cup fresh chopped

2 tsp rose water

1 Tbs rose petals

3 Tbs honey or to taste

1 fresh apple

mint leaves (optional)


If using fresh hibiscus, gently wash, and roughly chop flowers and add to a large heatproof bowl. Pour boiling water over the top, cover and steep for 8 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. If using dried flowers, add to a large bowl and add room temperature water. Steep for 8 hours or overnight. (In a pinch, you can add water just off the boil and cover and steep for 20 min-1 hr, this will produce a tea with a stronger bite). 

Strain; add rose water, rose petals and honey to taste. Gently stir with a whisk to dissolve honey. 

Serve over ice, and garnish with mint. 

You can purchase dried hibiscus, rose water, and rose petals at Habibi’s Cafe & Market, 3310 Waccamaw Market, Myrtle Beach; or online at mountainroseherbs.com.


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