Hachiya Express: An Essential Spot for Foodies on the Go

Quick Sushi and Hibachi with a Local Twist

At Hachiya Express, the sushi and hibachi are as fast-paced as life in Surfside Beach. This culinary gem proves that quick dining can be both delightful and delectable. And it’s not just another fast-food joint; it’s a local landmark, evolving from its 1988 roots as Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse to today’s bustling quick-service spot.

A History of Culinary Quick-Steps

Hachiya Express has a knack for reinvention, keeping up with the times while honoring its heritage. Since its humble beginnings as a traditional Japanese steakhouse, this place has transformed into a must-visit spot for anyone seeking top-notch Japanese cuisine without the wait.

Secrets in the Sauce

What really sets Hachiya apart are their homemade sauces; each one adds a zing that’ll make your taste buds sing. What about the ingredients? Think fresh, think quality—that’s Hachiya’s promise.

Efficiency Meets Quality

Who says quality and speed are incompatible? At Hachiya, each dish is prepared with care, ensuring that even the quickest of meals is a culinary delight. Hachiya has you covered whether you plan to grab dinner on the go or require a quick lunch. 

If you find yourself in Surfside Beach and have a hankering for some delicious Japanese cuisine, look no further than Hachiya Express. They offer a quick, mouthwatering meal that is sure to satisfy your cravings. This place is ideal for those hectic days when you’re short on time but still crave delicious flavors.

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