A Look Inside Grand Strand Coffee

A Look Inside Grand Strand Coffee

The Thomas Family Opens Doors to Their Newest Myrtle Beach Location on 13th Avenue South

Nestled on the sunlit avenues of Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand Coffee proudly unveils its latest venture at 13th Ave S, a testament to a rich family saga steeped in coffee culture and community spirit. This addition joins the beloved Market Common locale, renowned for offering a refreshing pause to the bustling shopper’s day, with a twist — the new space is designed as a sanctuary for lingering conversations and shared moments.

At the heart of Grand Strand Coffee’s ethos is the Thomas family’s profound connection to the bean, a lineage that intertwines their deep-seated love for each other with their passion for coffee. 

Starting from a modest cold brew stand, their story has blossomed into a cornerstone of the community, where every cup served is a homage to their journey and the ties that bind them to their patrons.

The original Market Common spot stands as a beacon for the weary and the hurried, providing a haven of delight and quick service. The newly minted 13th Ave S location, however, embodies the Thomas family’s dream to its fullest — a place for the community to gather, unwind, and revel in the simple joy of coffee done right. 

Here, the atmosphere is as inviting as the brews, with every corner curated to echo the family’s adventures, local integrations, and the universal pleasure of sharing a quality cup of coffee.

Bettina, Banks, Charlton, Keely, and Bella Thomas have each contributed their essence to Grand Strand Coffee, weaving a narrative of global explorations, intimate gatherings, and the inherent happiness that a shared cup of coffee can foster. 

This narrative thrives at their new 13th Ave S location, inviting you to be more than a customer — to be a part of a story that celebrates the intrinsic beauty of community, the warmth of shared experiences, and the unforgettable joy that a meticulously crafted cup of coffee can bring.

So, whether you’re seeking solace after a day’s adventure in Market Common or simply yearning for a space to breathe and soak in the Myrtle Beach sunshine, Grand Strand Coffee on 13th Ave S beckons. Here, you’re encouraged to stay a while, indulge in the tales, and leave with memories as rich and enduring as their espresso.

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