Graham Golf Cars

Offering Sales and Service for Myrtle Beach’s Favorite Toy

by Melissa LaScaleia

Russell Graham started Graham Golf Cars in the early ’80s— traveling around the Myrtle Beach area, servicing people’s golf carts. 

Over the years, his company has grown from a single truck and trailer with three employees, to five retail locations and over fifty employees. 

Despite his success, he is still as active in the business as he was in years past— stepping up to lend a hand whenever the need arises.   

All of Graham Golf Cars locations sell, service, and rent golf cars; sell parts and accessories; and offer indoor golf cart storage. 

Their Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach stores are two of the largest golf cart showrooms along the Grand Strand, where they sell customizable as well as basic cars. 

Pre-owned cars start around $1,500; fully reconditioned ones start around the high $4,000s; and new range from $7,500-$11,000. Between both their locations, they have around two hundred gas and electric cars for sale. 

Graham Golf Cars attributes their success to their business philosophy— that of taking care of the car and the customer for a lifetime. 

“I came to work here five years ago after running my own business for forty-five years,” says Carl Sherman, a part-time salesman with Graham Golf Cars at the Myrtle Beach location. “I owned my own smoke and fire restoration business in North Carolina. Seven years ago, I was ready to retire, and built a house at the beach and moved here. Soon thereafter I told my wife, ‘I cannot sit around, I need something to do.’

The Coastal Insider
Graham Golf Cars has an in-house fabrication department, and make parts and accessories on a daily basis so they can offer more to their customers. They have played a big part in designing and manufacturing new parts and accessories that are available nationwide. — Photo Meganpixels

“I had a friend who worked for Mr. Graham, and he introduced us. Two days later, I came in and started working and I’ve been here ever since. I come through the door because I want to. There are a good bunch of people here— they’re friendly and make you feel like you’re family; we all work well together. 

“During the time, I’ve been here, I’ve seen people come in and buy repeatedly from Russell because of the excellent customer service they receive. He follows up with them and does anything in his power to meet their needs. The people who work here extend the same level of service—it’s part of our company culture.”    

Graham Golf Cars understands that being able to maintain and repair the product that you sell is just as important as being able to sell it. For that reason, they invest in their service technicians and the customer service of the repair department. 

Graham Golf Cars has about twenty mechanics working in their shops, and nine service drivers. They cover Horry, Georgetown, and Brunswick County on a daily basis. 

Every refurbished car comes with a warranty, and they’ll deliver it for a fee as far as Charleston; they offer free local delivery for the Grand Strand area. If something happens within that warranty period, they’ll pick up your car and repair it for you, and get it back to you as fast as possible. 

The Graham Golf Cars crew was a delight to work with according to the Insider at the Market Common.
Carl Sherman (left) and Ed Eckersley (right) of Graham Golf Cars, try a custom-painted golf car at their Myrtle Beach location. — Photo Meganpixels Parker

In Myrtle Beach, golf cars are a way of life. Instead of owning a second car, many people instead invest in a golf car to move around the neighborhood. It’s less hair-raising to lend your teen, and fits in with the tempo and balmy climate with ease. 

Graham Golf Cars has an in-house fabrication department so they can offer more to their customers. And they have played a big part in designing and manufacturing new parts and accessories that are available nationwide. 

“People come in from everywhere wanting to buy the accessories that we make,” Carl says. “There’s a bar on the back of the cart called a safety bar. But Mr. Graham also turned it into a chair rack. In the summer we can’t even keep them in stock they’re so popular. 

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— Photo Meganpixels Parker

“I really like to see when a customer comes in, looking for a golf car but not really knowing what they want, the excitement and enthusiasm on their face when they realize that they can special order a golf car and put together the color schemes and accessories that they want. 

“I think seeing that they have a part in designing the car brings them joy. We do a lot of design work to help personalize and make the car their own. We often build between twenty to thirty a week. People are just as glad to get that golf car as they are to get a new car. It’s just remarkable to see their faces light up. People like to look good in their golf cars. They take a lot of pride in them.” 

“I think Mr. Graham has a service here that can’t be touched by anybody else at the Beach,” he adds. “It’s unique to be able to purchase a golf car that you build from the bottom up. The price is fair, and the service can’t be beat. Graham Golf Cars wants to do everything they can to be a positive part of the experience of helping their customers acquire, upgrade or repair their golf car— to do what’s right for the car and the customer. We’re always here to help.”

Graham Golf Cars

3900 South Kings Hwy.

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


M-Sa 8am-5pm


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