Glow Up Wellness

Glow Up Wellness: Myrtle Beach’s Black-Owned Nutrition Pioneer

In the bustling heart of Myrtle Beach, Glow Up Wellness emerges as a beacon of health, wellness, and community support. Founded amid the challenging times of the pandemic, this Black-owned nutrition bar has rapidly become a hub for those seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle while fostering a sense of belonging. Behind this thriving enterprise is the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Renee Wright and Shanisse Harry, whose vision extends far beyond nutrition to include empowerment and unity through Black Myrtle Beach.

A Vision Born from Adversity

Renee Wright’s relocation to Myrtle Beach was marked by the desire for warmer climates and new beginnings. However, the pandemic’s onset isolated her from the community connections she sought. Undeterred, Wright created the Black Myrtle Beach Facebook group to bridge the virtual gap, fostering a space for cultural appreciation and support for Black-owned businesses like her daughter’s Glow Up Wellness. This initiative has grown into a flourishing community, emphasizing the importance of health, wellness, and mutual upliftment.

A Hub of Transformation

Glow Up Wellness, spearheaded by Shanisse Harry, stands as a testament to the power of resilience and community support. Offering an array of protein shakes and hosting hip-hop aerobics classes, the nutrition bar has created a unique blend of fitness and fun. Through Black Myrtle Beach, Glow Up Wellness has hosted events that resonate with empowerment and unity, making health and wellness accessible to all community members.

Cultivating Community and Culture

The success of Glow Up Wellness and its integration with Black Myrtle Beach underscores a larger movement of unity and empowerment within Myrtle Beach. The collaboration between the nutrition bar and the online community highlights the significant impact of fostering spaces where Black entrepreneurs can thrive and where the community can collectively pursue a healthier, empowered future.

A Future Bright with Possibility

Glow Up Wellness and Black Myrtle Beach exemplify the profound influence of community-driven initiatives on local health and wellness landscapes. As they continue to grow, their efforts in Myrtle Beach serve as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with unity, support, and a focus on wellness, communities can transform. Renee Wright and Shanisse Harry’s journey with Glow Up Wellness is not just a story of business success; it’s a narrative of how vision, resilience, and community solidarity can create lasting change, one smoothie at a time.

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