Glenn and Paula Hero

Q&A with Glenn and Paula Hero

Have Lived in Eight States, and Are World Travelers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family. 

We are Glenn and Paula Hero. We have two fur babies: one indoor cat, Buddy; and one semi-feral cat, Lucy, who found us when she was a baby kitten. We had just moved to Myrtle Beach, and she came crawling out of the woods and was ravenous. We fed her and she stuck with us. She roams around outside, but has been coming back to us every day now for the past six years. 

Where are all the places you came from? What area of the Grand Strand do you now call home? 

We lived in eight different states— New Jersey, California, Texas, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Connecticut. Each state has such wonderful things to see. This country is so spectacular. In our retirement years, we’ve been to 25 countries around the world including, China, England, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Poland, Estonia, and Croatia. It broadened our perspective about people. We decided to retire to Pawleys Island and today live in Heritage Plantation. 

Why did you move here? 

Before we moved here, we lived in Charlotte for twenty years. We had a realtor who helped us buy our house, and we became good friends with her over the years. She came to visit Pawleys Island and eventually moved here, and encouraged us to come explore it too. When we came to Pawleys, it reminded my husband of Groton Long Point, Connecticut, an idyllic little coastal New England town where he grew up. We decided to retire here too. 

What is your favorite place along the Grand Strand? 

Either Brookgreen Gardens or Huntington Beach State Park. They’re both so beautiful. 

What are your favorite things to do here? 

Fishing, both surf and beach fishing. We love to walk on the beach too. Bicycle riding, and anything else outdoors. 

What do you like the most about living here?

There’s less hustle and bustle, it’s peaceful and quiet. The people where we live are extremely friendly, kind, and very generous with their time. 

How has your lifestyle changed or what new activities have you adopted since moving here? 

I’ve been writing poetry for my own edification for years, and now I have more time to do so. My husband is more active in the American Legion and the United Sates Submarine Veterans Incorporated, Myrtle Beach chapter. 

What is one thing that your neighbors don’t know about you?  

My husband used to audit tax returns; he once audited the Playboy Club in Atlantic City and in New Jersey. I’m an identical twin. 

Is there anything that you miss or would like to see in Myrtle Beach? 

More theatre and Broadway shows. 

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