A merry mingle of cultures

Gelt and Garland: Solly and a Merry Mingle of Cultures

Meet Solly Edwards, a Jewish immigrant with a heart as warm as her bubbe’s matzo ball soup and a passion for turning her home into a festive wonderland every December. Just goes to show that even the smallest person can bring different cultures together. 

Festival of Lights Meets Twinkle Town

A merry mingle of cultures

The moment Thanksgiving ends, Solly dons her Santa hat and transforms her modest abode into a Christmas paradise. Forget the subtle glow of candles in the windows; Solly installs a light display visible from space.

From Dreidels to Decor: A Unique Yuletide Twist

Why, you ask? Well it’s all about family and the togetherness that the holidays bring, whether that’s Hanukkah or Christmas, and who can pass out on lights and decor? Am I right?

Festival Fusion: Dreidels and Reindeer Unite

Picture this, a nine-foot tall Christmas tree dressed head to toe with beautiful ornaments all planned out in advance of course, and in the background a plethora of Menorahs of different sizes twinkling with candles illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow.

A merry mingle of cultures

Latkes, Laughter, and Lights

Her annual Hanukkah celebration has become the talk of the neighborhood but amidst all that, as Solly celebrates both holidays, the neighbors secretly admire her audacious commitment to the holiday spirit.

Universal Cheer

So, as you stroll through Solly’s neighborhood this December, do not be surprised if you find yourself humming “Jingle Bells” with a newfound appreciation for the universal language of festive lights and laughter. After all, Solly proves that the holiday spirit knows no cultural bounds.

A merry mingle of cultures
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