Emma’s Health Talk: Stress

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How Stress Affects Our Bodies and How We Undo the Damage

by Emma Ware

From overeating at Thanksgiving, to hurried last minute holiday shopping, to making New Year resolutions, who can say they didn’t experience any stress?

Stress in general has a debilitating effect on our entire body. The body responds to our choice to ignore or react to stress, whether it is expected holiday stress, the unexpected stress brought on by circumstances beyond our control, or less obvious everyday encounters.

Stress creates an excellent breeding ground for illness. The body responds to stress by undergoing a series of physiological changes that include increased secretion of adrenaline, elevation-of blood pressure, acceleration of the heartbeat, and greater tension in the muscles.

Digestion slows or stops, fats and sugars are released from stores in the body, cholesterol levels rise, and the composition of the blood changes slightly. As a result of reactions, the body does not absorb nutrients well. It’s all an open door for illness to enter.

Don’t despair— the following suggestions will help your body to stabilize. Of course, checking with your doctor is primary before embarking on any changes to your health regimen.

Taking Ashwagandha, which is an herb that acts as a sedative and nerve tonic, helps. Take a vitamin B-complex, as all B vitamins are necessary for a healthy nervous system. Inositol, related to B-complex can help with panic attacks. Calcium and magnesium help with anxiety and nervous system function. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids is essential to support the adrenal glands. Gamma-or Gabba is important for brain function and acts as a tranquilizer. And glutathione, is an antioxidant that protects the cells against damage from stress. 

Remember to check with your doctor when making any changes to your health regimen. Be sure to stop by with any questions at the office in Market Common. 

2798-D Howard Avenue or call me at the office, 843 997-7037.

Blessings and Happy New Year,

– Emma


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