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What Matters?

Emma's Health Talk

During these tumultuous and confusing times, Emma believes it is important to count your blessings and evaluate what really matters in life. After reading what she has found to be important, we challenge you to do the same and hope your list helps to refresh your mind.

by Emma Ware

What matters in life is a question we are all challenged to find answers to during this time of social distancing. Separation from all we remember as normal has been overwhelming for some and a minor disruption for others.

Now we will be challenged with trying to slowly return to a different set of social living adjustments when we are given the go ahead by our government officials.

The question we face individually is, what really matters in life?  Everyone will have their own story and personal experiences but the adjustments we make will answer that question.

What this has taught me and my family is the importance of learning how to choose my battles. Life is way too short to hurt the people we love in order to be right. I’ve learned that even when one is right, right can be wrong. So, with that being said, these are my answers to the question: what matters in life?

  • It matters and is important to me to appreciate the effort I see my family making in challenging times and tell them just how much I appreciate them.
  • It matters for me to be kind when I’m challenged with a difficult task and have to make a choice to bless or wound with my words.
  • It matters and is important to me to see the best in people I meet and remember to listen first, which is sometimes a difficult but necessary choice.
  • It matters to me to recognize the responsibility I have as a citizen of this great country to serve my neighbors and community.
  • It matters to me that I see how people are helping each other by sacrificing time, talent and resources for the benefit of those who are suffering loss or even family members. Our prayers are lifted daily for those who have lost loved ones.

If sharing my answers has helped anyone who is looking for their own reasons for what matters, I’ve achieved what I set out to do. Please stay safe, remember to help who you can and thank those you love for being there.

When this is behind us, come see me at 2798-D Howard Avenue in Market Common.



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