Emma’s Health Talk: Gearing Up for The Holidays

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by Emma Ware

What does December mean to you? Has the meaning changed over the years? Do you remember celebrating Christmas with family and friends, baking cookies, wrapping presents, car­oling in your neighborhood?

For many, December has become less of a joyful celebration and more a time of stress. Let’s think about how that has happened over time and see what has resulted from the change. 

Our days seem to be more rushed and demanding trying to prepare and deliver everything we hope to get done before Christmas. Shopping begins the mad­ness on Black Friday. Then there are the endless parties we are either expected to attend or just can’t say no to. 

Often those gatherings pres­ent us with dietary choices. We encounter end­less deserts and pastries everywhere we go, running on sugar highs. Needless to say, the usual glass of wine or cocktail becomes multiple glasses, only adding to our stress and guilty feelings of hav­ing overdone it, again. 

But don’t de­spair; there is a way to enjoy this holiday season without the results of having lost control or overindulging.

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  1. Begin with a list of to-do items, then prioritize the list.
  2. Plan your day around the items on your list. That automatically reduces stress.
  3. Set a budget and stick to it. 
  4. Try shopping early morning or late in the day to avoid the most crowds.
  5. Shop online.
  6. Plan to eat at home before attending parties. Make sure foods contain pro­tein.
  7. Use my sampling technique; using one plate try a small portion of all the foods presented, do the same with des­serts; that will help you to not feel de­prived.
  8. Dilute your drinks with water or club soda. Set a pre-determined amount you drink.
  9. Sleep eight hours un-interrupted, take breaks when possible to rest up.
  10. Do an all day soup fast to balance your digestion; chicken vegetable is good choice.
  11. Cut out caffeinated drinks like cof­fee and soda.
  12. Diffuse aroma therapy oils and check out flower essences in your local health food store. Lavender is especially calming; don’t forget Vitamin C.

As always, check with your doctor when making changes, and aim to make this December the very best ever. 

If you need additional help call me at 843 997- 7037 or stop by the office at 2798-D Howard Ave in the Market Common.

Share the love of this season with friends and family and remember those who are alone. Invite an elderly neighbor or single parent to share the joy of this season.

Wishing you all a blessed and Merry Christmas.


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