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Emma’s Health Talk: Personal Accountability, Part 1

Do You Lie to Yourself?

by Emma Ware

Do You Lie To Yourself?

Reread my header again. Did it evoke feelings of curiosity or make you ill at ease? Based on the human emotional processing of information, one will either agree with the material presented or strongly disagree and either excitedly pass it on to everyone perceived to need it, or toss away the article. 

After cross-referencing many sources, most of the information that I found on this subject is similar, and supports the studies done by multiple accredited counselors, doctors and holistic practitioners.

The definition of personal accountability is as follows:

Accountability is an ongoing, habitual commitment to yourself to stand for what is important to you through continually choosing to consciously take ownership for your life. 

Many of our choices are pre-determined by our expectation that we can control the outcome.

A perfect example of compromised accountability would be a person who decides to change her eating habits to get the result of a healthier body, but who denies that eating sugar won’t affect the outcome.   

In my research, I came across a book written by Linda Galindo titled, The 85% Solution. Linda details the struggle with accountability and suggests the benefits gained when we choose to become accountable.

Here are just a few results worth mentioning.

Decreased Stress

Increased productivity

Better time usage

Increased job and relationship satisfaction

A lack of personal accountability is at the heart of chronic stress and it saps us of our productivity. It wastes our time and it makes us less satisfied with our jobs, our relationships, and ourselves.

Stress breaks down our ability to stay healthy and is a foe we can overcome by following simple choices. (I will focus on what some of those are, next month.) 

Are you able to tell yourself the truth about your accountability? The goal is always to stop bad habits, begin life-changing healthy ones, and hold ourselves accountable for the outcome. 

I hope this article will encourage some personal research. Remember to always check with your doctor when making any changes to your health routine.

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– Emma

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