EdVenture’s Virtual Learning

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by Ashley Daniels

EdVenture offers museum experiences plus afterschool programs and camps that inspire children of all ages to learn the joy of hands-on education – as individuals, as a family, and as a community.

With the kids stuck at home, parents, more than ever, are challenged in creating ideas on how to recharge their little ones’ curious, imaginative minds.

EdVenture, which under normal circumstances would be open at the Market Common, has adapted to these unprecedented times by offering virtual learning experiences you can share with your children at home.

Visit EdVenture.org to check out their series of free “Today’s Play” videos. Videos cover subjects like engineering, science, art, math, and literacy. Each Friday, the Cooking Lab releases a live program, Edventure Eats. Visit Facebook @ Edventure Myrtlebeach to participate and teach your child-chefs how to master simple and delicious recipes at home.

“All of our videos are intended to inspire young learners to find the joy in education,” says Jessica Gregory, from the Myrtle Beach store. “They are wonderful additions to what students are learning in school, but are entertaining enough to stand on their own to create an enriching and rewarding experience.”

She adds that EdVenture hopes the “Today’s Play” videos give parents some new, creative ideas for things to do with their kids at home.

“We strive to use materials most families will have on hand, while also encouraging reusing old materials in new ways,” adds Jessica. “Our advice is to have fun, and allow curiosity and creativity to lead the way.”

In addition to the video series, the “Spark Shop,” EdVenture’s virtual gift shop is still open online to provide children with fun, educational toys.

“Shopping and sharing the videos are two great ways to support EdVenture at this time,” says Jessica. “Help us keep our mission of education for everyone alive and thriving as we continue to spread the joy of learning.”



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