Downsizing is Not a Dirty Word

by Kevin Gunn

In real estate we see it all the time: clients selling larger homes and moving into smaller, more manageable ones. 

Unfortunately, this real estate strategy, often referred to as downsizing, often comes with a negative connotation. But it shouldn’t. So, let’s change the terminology to reflect more accurately the intent. Let’s go from downsizing to right sizing, and talk about the benefits as well as how to make it a smooth transition.

The benefits of right sizing depends, firstly, on your needs. Are you looking for lower maintenance costs? To join an active community? To reduce cleaning time and maintenance? To cash in on home equity? Or to be closer to family? 

No matter what your reason, be sure to be clear on the why behind your decision. When you can pinpoint what’s important to you, it will help make lifestyle changes much easier.

When you’ve made the decision to right size, start taking small steps to prepare yourself for living in less space. For example, close off a room you seldom use. You will often find that many rooms in your home which are seldom used can easily be forgotten. Start looking at smarter ways to store items in your home. Could you de-clutter your home? Maybe a garage sale is in order to start to see yourself with less stuff.

Preparing in advance can help ensure a smooth transition when going from large to smaller in terms of space. However, by preparing in advance, you can eliminate the stress of feeling pressured to sell your home quickly. 

Also, it is a good idea to be sure your home is under contract before you commit to buy or rent another home. If you’re thinking about moving into a condo, be sure to carefully read all homeowner association documents so there are no surprises.

Right sizing doesn’t have to be stressful when planned properly.  If you’d like to receive our fully customized-approach-to-downsizing brochure, simply email us at and type “downsizing” in the subject line.

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