The Cost of Convenience

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Market Common Cost of Convenience.

by Emma Ware, D.H.N, C.N, C.H.H of the Market Common

The cost of convenience teaches people to make choices in a hurry.

Being in a hurry causes you to compromise in your decision making with your health habits.  Convenience more often than not, is a result of lack of organization, planning, having structure and rules.  These are details that one has to have, either in a job, school or even at home.  Why not apply these good habits to your health?  Why not slow down and smell the peace?

Develop some structure for living a healthier, happier life.

Begin your day with a plan and weigh your choices:  do I cook a couple of eggs or grab a donut and coffee at the drive through on my way to work?  Should I enjoy breakfast at my table at home with the family or in the car after waiting behind five cars ahead of me, which will make me late anyway?

We need some structure to help us put into perspective the “important” before what we view as “urgent”.  Life becomes unbalanced when all we do is hurry.  But, there is hope!  Take a break from the rush, formulate a plan, be organized, and make your own rules for your needs– whether it is cooking, exercising, or taking vitamins.  Take baby steps, and you will see how much better, easier and more comfortable it will be.  My suggestion, start today.

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