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I just got engaged in December. Both my fiancé and I are Irish, and we both have a coat of arms. This is a typical Irish tradition; my parents have our crest framed, and we know what each symbol means. The coat is a detailed design used to identify families— it’s passed down through generations and tells of your ancestor’s achievements and status in society. For me, it’s a symbol that connects me to my roots in Ireland.

Once I’m married, I’ll be changing my last name to my fiancé’s. I’m excited to learn about the symbols that represent his family, soon to be mine, and those of our future family together.

Being Irish is very important to me because it’s part of my identity. And St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, is as well. It’s a time for me to be with my family— enjoying a nice dinner together and one another’s company. St. Patrick’s Day originated as a religious holiday commemorating the saint’s death, but today it is marked by festivities and is very much a celebration of his life and Irish culture.

It’s a similar vibe that I feel here at the Insider on delivery day. As soon as the paper arrives at the office, hot off the presses, I always like to read it cover to cover. When we hear the truck pull up, we all gather together as a team at the front of the office to greet the shipment and grab our individual copies. I’m especially eager because I see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring it to fruition.

Charlie’s Corner is my favorite part of the paper, so it’s the one I flip to first. I like to see what shenanigans and adventures he gets himself into every month. I relate to Charlie a lot, because like him, I find myself in situations and I don’t know how I got there, but also like him, I make the best of it.

This month, I’m excited to read more about Charlie’s adventures in the snowglobe, and find out about the “Irish encounter” he has that he whispered about to me earlier.

Jennifer O’Leary

The Coastal Insider

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