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Ernie Mitchum, the owner of Coastal Constructive Landscaping, has been working with plants and the land for most of his life.

Coastal Constructive Landscaping

Bringing Quality Work, a Lifetime of Experience, and Love to Your Yard

by Melissa LaScaleia

Ernie Mitchum was born in Kingstree, SC, not far from Myrtle Beach. A son and grandson of farmers, Ernie grew up tending vegetable plots, flowers, and trees alongside his elder family members. 

“We planted a lot of fruit trees— pears, plums, peaches— also grape vines, tobacco, cucumbers, and roses,” he says. “I would help tend them along with whatever landscaping work needed to be done. We all worked together, doing whatever it took to get the job done. We sold our fruits and vegetables throughout the neighborhood by word of mouth. My parents and grandparents were in this business long before I was born. So everyone knew who we were and we had a big clientele. Customers would come to our house and buy vegetables and fruits by the bushel.” 

This delightful way of conducting small business was as recent as the early ‘90s. 

“Our ways of living change much more slowly than in cities and suburbs,” Ernie explains. “Where I’m from is a small area, and we all know one another.” 

When Ernie was old enough to work on a farm himself, he became a tobacco planter and also worked in the post production of the crop. Then he worked in a cotton gin. After almost a decade of working with crops, he wanted to explore new ventures and came to Myrtle Beach. 

“Our economy was difficult,” he says, “and I wanted to try something other than farming. Myrtle Beach isn’t that far from my family but has better work opportunities. Over the course of my life, I want to be able to experience different things.” 

Ernie took jobs in several different professions before discovering another talent and passion— cooking. He worked as a chef for several years until the pandemic struck. 

“I weighed my options and I like being outside, so I decided to return to my roots and my first love and begin my own landscaping company,” he says. “I appreciate that here in Myrtle Beach, it feels so easy to start my own business. And I definitely love what I’m doing.” 

Ernie opened the doors to his business this past May. He and his team provide mowing, trimming, edging, mulching, hedging, debris removal from storms, and all kinds of planting for both commercial as well as residential clients. He also has the equipment and experience for pressure washing, including RVs. 

“This company brings you the quality workmanship and reliability that everyone deserves,” he says. “We listen to understand what you want, to ensure I cater my expertise to meet your requirements. We will leave you with an adorable yard that will delight you.” 

“Now is a good time to find a landscaper because it’s still hurricane season,” he continues, “and storms can wreak havoc on a well-groomed yard. But every yard, regardless of storm damage, needs a fall cleanup before being put to bed for the winter season.” 

With Coastal Constructive Landscaping, you’re getting years of experience and great value for the cost, but because they are new, they can fit new clients into their schedule promptly, and can address last minute requests with ease. 

“I return calls the same day and typically schedule people the next day or the day after,” Ernie says. “We’re focussed on customer service and building a clientele.” 

Ernie chose the name for his company because he felt it fit what he offered the community. 

“I’m in a coastal area, and I’m great at what I do,” he says. “I have a strong work ethic, and can really make a property look good. So using the word constructive to apply to what I do just made sense.” 

“I bring quality work, a lifetime of experience, and love to your yard,” he adds. 

Coastal Constructive Landscaping

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