The First Halloween Pet Photo Contest

Charlie’s Corner is the domain of Charlie, the furry four-legged lady’s man of Market Common. Each month, he’ll share information to help all new, visiting, and existing doggie community members get the most out of life alongside their human companions. Here, we’ll feature his reflections on what it’s like to be a dashing downtown doggie, as he reminds all of us how to play well together. 

This month, Charlie has a surprise in keeping with the Halloween season for all you fans of fluffy creatures, and really who isn’t?

October is such a great month. Well really, come to think of it, every month has something great about it. What can I say? I’m just a positive guy. But October has Halloween. Some people think it’s silly, others ignore it as just another day. But I see an opportunity for fun. Now, you might think that being a dog, and not being able to enjoy the culinary delights of the hour, like chocolate and candy (reminder: we can’t eat this stuff), would get me down. Or that I wouldn’t be thrilled about it due to the profusion of decorations that are loud and startling to my overly sensitized doggie ears, or because of the occasional ghoulish ghost that chases me and some of my friends until we run, tail tucked in fright.

But aside from these minor inconveniences, it’s just so exciting. I get to pick out a new, totally different, and completely awesome costume every year, and play make-believe for a day, or sometimes, for weeks on end. I can be a superhero and fantasize about saving more than the Market Common, I can save the world. Last year, I was a French chef and barked around in an especially pretentious and overly flamboyant way. And the ladies just love it.

You all know I love community, parties, making new friends, and making things fun, so this year, we’re having… drumroll please…

The Insider Halloween Pet-Costume Photo Contest

Everyone, take a photo of the beloved four-legged friend in your life, all decked out in their selected altar-ego attire. Rules of the contest:

First, visit, and if you haven’t already, like us. Then, post your pet picture directly to the page using the hashtag #charliescostumecontest. All submissions must be received by October 20.

Our community will vote for their favorite photo by giving it a thumbs up. Whoever receives the most likes will win a small gift basket and a $50 gift certificate from Paws Pet Spa, as well as a free vaccination and exam from Meadowlawn Animal Services, both in the Market Common! In addition, we’ll get our photo taken together, in costume, and it will be published in next month’s Insider, as well as on our website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. You’ll be famous!

Cast your vote by 10am on October 30; we’ll announce the winner online on Halloween day, October 31 at 10am. The sooner you submit your photo, the more time you have to share your photo and collect those likes. Contestants and voters are not limited to living in the Market Common. Anyone is welcome to join in the game.

I can’t wait to see what everyone picks. It will give me great ideas for next year too. Just wait until you see my costume photo for this year. I’m going as a lion.

Hey, weird dog fantasy— don’t judge me.

Until next time,

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