4 Spots in SC to Give New York Natives a Taste of Home

4 Spots in SC to Give New York Natives a Taste of Home

From Rooftop Lounges to Chic Eateries, These Venues Channel the Empire State's Vibe

South Carolina, a state known for its rich history, warm hospitality, and breathtaking landscapes, also offers a unique slice of the Big Apple for those who crave the dynamism of New York City. Through a curated collection of eateries and lounges, the essence of NYC’s vibrant lifestyle merges seamlessly with the serene charm of the South, creating spaces that offer more than just a meal or a drink – they provide experiences. Each location, with its distinct vibe, offerings, and atmosphere, serves up a taste of New York sophistication and elegance, seasoned with the congeniality and warmth inherent to South Carolina. Let’s explore these handpicked locales where you can indulge in the best of both worlds.

New York Prime

Embark on a culinary journey to New York Prime in Myrtle Beach, where the scent of seared steaks fills the air, reminiscent of an upscale Manhattan steakhouse. This temple for steak lovers offers an opulent dining experience that embodies the sophistication and culinary excellence of New York, paired with the unmistakable Southern hospitality that South Carolina is renowned for. From the polished service to the prime-aged beef on the menu, New York Prime is a beacon of New York elegance in the heart of SC.

📍Location: 405 28th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC

Ritual Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge

Charleston’s Ritual Rooftop embodies the quintessence of NYC’s rooftop culture, marrying sleek, contemporary design with views that could rival any in Manhattan. The spot’s innovative cocktails and stylish atmosphere provide the ideal setting for an evening filled with elegance and leisure, all with a distinctive Southern twist. It’s a piece of New York’s famed skyline, offering an escape into luxury and relaxation in Charleston’s own backyard.

📍 Location: 145 Calhoun Street #301, Charleston, SC


Scoundrel Restaurant

Discover Greenville’s hidden jewel, Scoundrel, where the spirit of New York’s Prohibition-era speakeasies is alive and thriving. This intimate bar, with its soft, mood-setting lighting and an air of mystery, is a masterclass in the art of cocktail-making. Here, every sip takes you closer to the clandestine allure of NYC’s secret bars, all while retaining a distinct Southern charm. It’s a perfect hideaway for those seeking an evening of discreet indulgence, echoing the exclusivity and intimate vibe of New York’s most elusive spots.

📍Location: 18 N Main Street, Greenville, SC

Tazza Kitchen

Tazza Kitchen

Channeling the spirit of New York’s cozy neighborhood bistros, Tazza Kitchen in Columbia offers an inviting setting focused on wood-fired cooking and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This bistro embodies a commitment to quality and simplicity, mirroring the vibrant culinary landscape of NYC with the friendliness and charm of Southern dining. Tazza Kitchen is a destination for anyone missing the lively food scene of New York but seeking the warmth of the South.

📍Location: 4840 Forest Drive #20, Columbia, SC

These cherished spots do more than offer a place to dine or unwind; they create a unique fusion of the bustling streets of New York and the gentle allure of South Carolina. Perfect for those craving a slice of NYC without leaving the warm embrace of the Palmetto State, each locale brings a piece of the Big Apple’s vibrant life into the heart of the South.

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