The Only Myrtle Beach Brunch Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only Myrtle Beach Brunch Guide You’ll Ever Need

Because if You’re Not Brunching on a Sunday, What are You Even Doing?

Waking up in Myrtle Beach means more than just a sunrise over the ocean—it’s a direct invitation to indulge in some of the most exquisite brunch experiences the South Carolina coast has to offer. In a city where the culinary scene is as vibrant as its sun-drenched shores, brunch becomes a celebration of coastal living, innovative chefs, and the sheer joy of savoring the first, most important meal of the day. Whether you’re a local foodie or a traveler eager to taste the essence of Myrtle Beach, our curated guide to the best brunch spots promises to elevate your morning with everything from pancake perfection to oceanfront dining delights. Ready your appetites and raise your mimosas—let’s embark on a journey through the flavors that make Myrtle Beach a brunch lover’s paradise.

National House of Pancakes in Myrtle Beach is your dream brunch destination where the morning vibes are as fluffy as their famous pancakes. With a menu bursting with decadent delights like the Three Nutella Pancakes and the luxurious Filet Mignon Shaved Steak Omelet, your taste buds are in for a treat. A local legend for over 40 years, this cozy spot at 211 N Kings Hwy offers a hearty welcome with its family-friendly atmosphere and a feast of options to start your day on a high note. Whether you’re in the mood for their signature Coconut Goodness Waffle or just craving a classic breakfast with a twist, every visit is a celebration of good food and great times.

📍 Location: Myrtle Beach

Johnny D’s Waffles and Benedicts, led by the talented Chef Jamie Daskalis, stands out in Myrtle Beach for its creative and delicious breakfast, lunch, and brunch offerings. Known for inventive dishes like the Spicy Avocado Omelette, Red Velvet Waffles, and the Salmon Eggs Benedict, Johnny D’s provides a vibrant atmosphere across its locations in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Surfside Beach. Beyond the exceptional cuisine, Chef Jamie’s commitment to autism awareness adds a meaningful layer to the dining experience, making Johnny D’s a place where good food and good causes come together seamlessly.

📍 Locations: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Surfside Beach

Greg Norman Australian Grille in Myrtle Beach elevates Sunday brunch to new heights with its waterfront ambiance and a menu that tantalizes taste buds. Dive into specialties like Tasmanian Shrimp & Grits or the Australian Omelet for a savory start. The G’Day Mate Benedict and Classic Brown Butter Waffle beckon those with a penchant for traditional flavors with a twist. For something heartier, the Shark Burrito and Redcoat Eggs & Cheese do not disappoint. With each dish crafted to culinary excellence, brunch at this esteemed locale guarantees a memorable feast amidst Myrtle Beach’s scenic beauty.

📍Location: North Myrtle Beach (Barefoot Landing)

Harry’s Breakfast Pancakes, voted #1 in Myrtle Beach for a decade, is your go-to for the ultimate breakfast experience. Serving up comfort food since 1979, Harry’s menu boasts everything from corned beef hash to Belgian waffles and strawberry pancakes. Known for fresh ingredients and a wide variety, including omelets, eggs Benedict, and homemade biscuits, Harry’s offers more than just pancakes. With its welcoming atmosphere, terrific service, and value for money, it’s clear why Harry’s remains a beloved breakfast destination.

📍 Location: Myrtle Beach

Blueberry’s Grill, serving both Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, crafts a brunch experience that blends traditional favorites with innovative twists. Specialties like the Crab Cake Benedict and their variety of unique skillets, sit alongside sweet sensations such as waffles and French toast, prepared with the freshest ingredients. Choose to dine in the cozy interior or enjoy the beautiful outdoor seating. And what brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary? Blueberry’s Grill has one of our absolute favorites in Myrtle Beach, making every visit an unforgettable delight in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

 📍Locations: Myrtle Beach (Grand Dunes area) and North Myrtle Beach (Barefoot Landing)

In Myrtle Beach, Drift elevates brunch with dishes that both surprise and satisfy. The Mediterranean Avocado Toast transforms a simple meal into an extraordinary one, while the Chargrilled Octopus caters to those seeking bold flavors. Complement your brunch with a refreshing Mimosa, perfectly blending with any choice. Whether you’re inside among the charming decor or outside enjoying the breeze on the patio, Drift creates a relaxed atmosphere perfect for savoring every bite. It’s a top pick for anyone wanting to enjoy a leisurely meal with a coastal twist.

📍 Location: Grande Dunes
Breakfast Spots, Croissants Bistro Myrtle Beach

At Croissants Bistro & Bakery in Myrtle Beach, brunch transforms into an artful blend of Southern warmth and European sophistication. Here, Heidi Vukov’s passion for cooking shines through in dishes like the savory shrimp-packed seaside omelet and the best-in-class Shrimp and Grits, distinguished by its layer of fried green tomatoes. Not to be missed is their interactive DIY Bloody Mary Bar, offering a personalized twist to your brunch. Nestled in a spot where the ambiance matches the excellence of the food, Croissants provides both an inviting interior and charming patio dining, making every visit a memorable foray into culinary delight.

📍 Location: Grande Dunes
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