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Charleston’s Premier Oyster Haven: Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge

In the historic heart of Charleston, Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge stands as a beacon for oyster aficionados and raw bar enthusiasts. With its Mediterranean-inspired ambiance harmonizing with the Lowcountry’s rich seafood traditions, this establishment promises an oyster and raw bar experience like no other.

A Seafood Sanctuary in Downtown Charleston

Upon entering Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge at 5 Fulton Street, guests find themselves in an oyster lover’s paradise. A cozy downstairs, upscale upstairs, breezy terrace, and two inviting bars enhance the raw bar experience with perfect venue design.

At the forefront of Bar 167’s culinary excellence is its exceptional raw bar, boasting:

A Diverse Selection of Oysters: Carefully curated, the oyster selection ranges from local favorites to exotic varieties, each with its unique flavor profile, from the briny depths of the Atlantic to the sweet notes of the Pacific.

Oyster Shooters: A playful yet sophisticated twist on enjoying oysters, these shooters combine the freshness of the ocean with a burst of complementary flavors.

Jumbo Shrimp: Fresh, plump, and perfectly chilled, these jumbo shrimp are a testament to the simplicity of raw bar elegance.

Blue Crab Claws: Delicately prepared, these crab claws are a succulent treat, offering the sweet, tender flavors of the sea.

Caviar Cone: An innovative and luxurious offering, the caviar cone presents the finest caviar in a unique and delightful way, perfect for the adventurous epicure.

While specializing in seafood, they do have alternative choices available for those who may not be enthusiasts of raw bar options.

Wagyu Carpaccio: A sumptuous complement to the raw offerings, featuring thinly sliced Wagyu beef, artfully presented.

Jumbo Lump Crab Roll: A luxurious interpretation of a classic, overflowing with fresh, tender crab meat.

Caviar Doughnut: A unique, extravagant treat that marries the richness of caviar with the playful texture of a doughnut.

Lobster Roll: A Charleston rendition of the New England favorite, featuring fresh, luscious lobster in a perfectly toasted roll.

We offer a diverse range of cocktails, ensuring there’s a perfect pairing for every item on our menu.

Blueberry Basil Sangria: Light and refreshing, echoing the ocean’s freshness.

Spiced Manhattan: A rich, warm cocktail, ideal for accentuating the delicate flavors of the raw bar.

Mallorca Margarita: A bright, citrus-infused drink, capturing the essence of sunny coastal regions.

A Memorable Oyster and Raw Bar Experience

Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge isn’t just a dining destination; it’s a journey into the essence of Charleston’s seafood culture. Ideal for any occasion, from relaxed lunches to elegant evenings, the experience is as memorable as the seafood is exquisite.

Plan Your Visit

Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge is open Monday to Saturday, from 12 PM to 11 PM, closed on Sundays. Reserve your table and follow them on Instagram @bar167_charleston.

Step into Bar 167 Bistro & Lounge for the ultimate oyster and raw bar experience in Charleston, where each dish is a celebration of the sea’s bounty.

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