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A friend of the community, Ronnie Gasque, owner of the Gasque Insurance Agency, is here to answer questions about insurance. 

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Would I be covered if my boat were on the river and hit by another boat that has no insurance?

If another boat were to hit you and they were uninsured or under-insured your boat policy would extend coverage as long you have proper coverage on your policy.

I recently had my boat towed and it was very expensive.  Can I get towing included on my boat policy?

With the proper endorsement on your boat owner’s policy, towing can be included in your premium.

If a hurricane/tornado does damage to my boat, am I covered?

If your boat is damaged in a hurricane, tornado or even in a severe storm, your boat would be covered as long as you have “property coverage” on your boat owner’s policy. This coverage is similar to comprehensive and collision coverage on a personal automobile policy.

If I hit another vehicle while towing my boat, is it covered?

The damage to your boat is covered as long as you have appropriate “property coverage”. Damage to what you hit is covered by your automobile policy.

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