Cozy 1930s Airbnb living room, bathed in soft, ambient light, exudes vintage charm and comfort
Credit: Megan Parker

This AirBnb House Is 1930 Antique Elegant, Perfect for a New River Mountain Escape Fit for JFK in the 1960s

Vintage Charm Meets Riverside Bliss Near the New River and Bluestone Dam

Embark on a journey to the past with a stay at our 1930s Antique home, nestled on the serene banks of the Greenbrier River in Hinton, WV. This unique Airbnb is not just a place to stay; it’s a portal to an era of elegance, surrounded by the natural splendor of West Virginia.

Situated less than a mile east of the New River and near the majestic Bluestone Dam, the home offers an idyllic riverside escape. The front of the house faces the tranquil Greenbrier River, providing guests with stunning views of the water and the enchanting sight of trains meandering along the riverside.

The house’s exterior boasts a hand-carved totem pole, a testament to artistic craftsmanship and a focal point of fascination for guests. The spacious yard is also equipped with cornhole games, offering fun outdoor activities for friends and family.

Inside, the home exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, with a classic bathtub, traditional radiator heaters, and a well-equipped kitchen. The combination of antique charm and modern amenities ensures a comfortable and memorable stay.

Fun fact: JFK visited this home during his Hinton, WV tour in 1960.

Starting at just $79 per night, this Airbnb provides an affordable yet enchanting retreat. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast drawn to the nearby New River, a history buff intrigued by the home’s 1930s roots, or someone seeking a peaceful getaway, this riverside house on Greenbrier Drive is the perfect destination.

Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Greenbrier River, the historical charm of our 1930s house, and the adventure that awaits near the New River, Sandstone Falls and Bluestone Dam.

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