Black-Owned Businesses

5 Black-Owned Businesses in Myrtle Beach We Love Supporting

In the spirit of Black History Month, we turn our focus to the vibrant Black-owned business community in Myrtle Beach. These establishments are not only pillars of entrepreneurial spirit and excellence but also integral parts of our local ecosystem, offering unique, high-quality services and products. Here’s a closer look at five Black-owned businesses that have become favorites among locals and visitors alike.

Glow Up Wellness

Leading our list is Glow Up Wellness, a beacon of health and community in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Founded during the challenging times of the pandemic, this nutrition club has quickly become more than a spot for a healthful shake or tea—it’s a community hub where people come together to share stories, support each other, and pursue wellness. The vibrant atmosphere, combined with a menu full of energizing options, makes Glow Up Wellness a prime destination for those looking to nourish their bodies and spirits. The founders’ dedication to creating a welcoming space where everyone feels at home underscores the importance of community-focused businesses in today’s world.

Club Caked

Club Caked sweetens the deal with its artistic and mouth watering custom cakes. Each creation from Club Caked is a masterpiece, showcasing the bakery’s commitment to quality, creativity, and flavor. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion, Club Caked’s offerings make every event unforgettable. Beyond cakes, their menu includes a variety of baked goods that cater to all tastes, ensuring that every visit is a delightful experience.

Big Mike's Soul Food

Big Mike’s Soul Food is a culinary treasure that serves up comforting, Southern-style cooking at its best. From the crispy fried chicken to the creamy mac and cheese, every dish is prepared with love and soul. Big Mike’s has established itself as a cornerstone of the community, where families and friends gather to enjoy generous servings of home-style meals that warm the heart. The friendly service and homely ambiance add to the restaurant’s charm, making it a beloved spot for traditional soul food.

Riga Tony's

Riga Tony’s offers a unique blend of Italian cuisine and entertainment, making it a standout dining destination in Myrtle Beach. Their dinner show experience combines delicious meals with engaging performances, creating an unforgettable evening out. The menu features a wide range of Italian favorites, from pasta to pizza, all crafted with authentic flavors and ingredients. Riga Tony’s commitment to providing a vibrant atmosphere where food and entertainment meet has earned it a spot on our list of favorites.

Juice Crush

Juice Crush rounds out our list with its focus on health and vitality through its offering of fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies. With a commitment to using the highest quality fruits and vegetables, Juice Crush delivers a menu that’s not only nutritious but incredibly flavorful. The variety of options ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a detoxifying green juice or a protein-packed smoothie. Juice Crush’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle through delicious, accessible options makes it a gem in Myrtle Beach’s food scene.

As we honor Black History Month, let’s celebrate the contributions of Black-owned businesses to Myrtle Beach’s rich tapestry. Supporting these businesses means more than just enjoying their products and services; it’s a way to foster community, encourage diversity, and contribute to the economic vitality of our area. From the health-focused mission of Glow Up Wellness to the unique dining experience at Riga Tony’s, these businesses exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and community values that make Myrtle Beach special.

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