Market Common Section: Get The Download on CityMac’s Schedule of Tech Classes: May 2020

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If you received any sort of the latest “smart” device, software or technology that was on your wish list and now, suddenly, you feel overwhelmed by how to use it, the staff at CityMac is here to help uncomplicate things.

In addition to selling and repairing Apple products in The Market Common since 2012, CityMac also hosts three types of tutorial classes inside the store: group workshops, one-on-one classes and multi-week courses.

According to Bill Molnar, VP of sales and marketing at CityMac, they host workshops for almost every skill level, from the basic how-to, to in-depth proficiency sessions for advanced users trying to get the most out of their devices.

Group workshops are teacher-led, mostly beginner level classes for between six to thirty students. One-on-one classes are more specialized, and for students who need extra help or want advanced training on something specific. Multi-week courses are teacher-led classes that delve deeper on a particular topic over a few weeks time. Prices range from $29-$39 for a 90-minute workshop, to $59-$69 for one-on-one classes.

According to Bill, the most popular classes are generally themed around basic how to use your iPad/iPhone, anything camera related, and how to use the photos app.

“There are so many people out there that may have been Apple users for a few years but still feel they don’t really know the potential of what their device can do,” he says. “We hope to help them unlock that potential. We want to help people understand the technology, help them connect to it, and learn how to get the most out of it. We enjoy seeing the ‘Aha!’ moments on the faces of people when they master this piece of equipment they once thought was beyond them.”

Bill maintains that all CityMac instructors are skilled in communication, so that they can effectively educate their students, rather than talking past or over them. Many students are sixty-five years or older, seeking out the classes to help stay current with the constantly changing technology.

“The demo is pretty straightforward,” Bill says. “And, as phones are becoming more and more advanced, and cameras are becoming more of a key part of that, we’re expanding our classes to include learning how to master the mobile device.”

Bill adds that one of CityMac’s most popular instructors just turned 80.

“He’s been in tech his whole life, is a published author, and is a regular lecturer on some of the top cruise lines in the world,” says Bill. “He shares his knowledge of learning in a way that resonates with his students, and his classes fill up quickly with people of all ages.”

Recently, this same instructor wrote a book in the style of the “iPhones/iPads for Dummies” series. CityMac is currently involved in its publishing, and the book will be available at a reduced price to all students registered to take a CityMac class.

Look for CityMac’s spring schedule of classes to be posted soon. They’re working on new offerings as well as modifications because of COVID-19 restrictions. Check for their updates at

CityMac Myrtle Beach is located at 4005 Howard Ave. in The Market Common. Call them at 843-492-4600.

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