Mustang Week

Mustang Car & Trade Show

If you’ve never been, Mustang Week is like anything you’ve ever attended.  It’s an annual pilgrimage that brings us all together in one place to celebrate the iconic Ford Mustang.  Those who make the yearly trek to Myrtle Beach understand there is no feeling like when you first pull out of your driveway, marking the beginning of the week-long adventure.  It is the excitement you feel when you cross the South Carolina state line or first see the Atlantic Ocean upon arrival.  But for you newcomers, nothing can prepare you for the wave of emotion the first time you see and hear a group of Mustang Week participants pass you on Myrtle Beach’s streets!  No other event brings you this exciting experience for an entire week!  For you regulars, the excitement is already building as you prepare for that yearly crusade to “the Grand Strand!”  Once there, you realize that each day’s event is unique, having its own feeling and attitude.  As the week draws to an end, the wave of emotions comes over you again and leaves you wishing it would not end.

Every year, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Mustang owners have the chance to take the road trip of a lifetime to the country’s premier celebration of the cars we love.  Folks all over the country are making their plans and getting their Mustang or SVT ready for the 18th Annual Mustang Week.  The only question left to ask is… are you ready?

The event is finished.


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