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by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family.  I am a parent of two beautiful children, Justin, a twenty-seven year old graduate of the College of Charleston.  He lives in Mount Pleasant, SC and works in the TV industry.  My daughter Kaela is in her senior year at Coastal Carolina University and blessed me by …

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Introduce me to your family.  It’s just my wife and myself and our 12 year old cat PurrCede.  We call her Cede which Rosemarie got the name from a Mercedes she once drove.  Both of us are from Pennsylvania.  Where are all the places you came from?  Where do you live now? I am a …

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Introduce me to your family.  It’s my husband Michael and I.    Where are all the places you came from? Where do you live now? We both are originally from Chicago, Illinois.  We moved here to retire, even though my husband is still working.  We live in a three-story town home in the Market Common, …

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Dawn Roblero and her family
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Introduce me to your family.  My husband’s name is Carlos, and I have three boys: Jamison, Jordan, and Carlos.  Why did you move to the Market Common? We’re from Ohio.  We moved here because we don’t like the snow.  We live in Emmens Preserve.  Where are all the places you came from? I grew up …

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Introduce me to your family.   It’s my wife Rhonda and I, and we have a little wiener dog, a dachshund named Macie.  I have a daughter Michelle, and her husband John, and their son Elijah, and they live in Pennsylvania.  John is U.S. Army retired.  Rhonda has a daughter Sonni, and her husband is Don, …

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Introduce me to your family. It’s me and my wife Lee Ann.  I’m a pharmacist, and have been for 34 years.  My wife is a pharmacist also, and we have two sons.  We met in pharmacy school.  We’ve been married 33 years now. Where are all the places you came from? Where do you live …

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Market Common Residents – Taylor, Mike & Oliver Fitzpatrick by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family. It’s my wife Taylor and I, and we have a little boy named Oliver Reeves, who was born six weeks ago. Where are all the places you came from?  Where do you live now? I was born in Indianapolis …

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Market Common Residents – Robert Palmer and Palmer, the dog by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family. It’s myself and my dog Palmer.  I got him when he was three months old, and he was already named Palmer.  He’s a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. Where are all the places you came from?  Where do you …

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Market Common Residents – Ron Racca and Toby by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family. It’s myself and my dog Toby, and when he’s a bad boy it’s Tobias.  He’s a mixed breed, part Border Collie and part Labrador retriever.  He’s a rescue dog. Where are all the places you came from? I’m originally …

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Market Common Residents – Bud, Winnie and Becky Ostendorf by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family. There’s myself and Bud and Winnie, our Peekapoo.  So we say she’s a Winnie-the pooh.  She’s the star of our family. Why did you move to Myrtle Beach? We knew the second time we came down here that …

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