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Divine Dining Group

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America’s Furniture Warehouse

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Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

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The Benefitz Group

Helping You Make an Empowered Lifestyle Choice The thought of insurance and the act of procuring it, whether it’s life, health, or home, rarely engenders much enthusiasm. However, you ought to call The Benefitz Group, located conveniently within the Market Common. Instead it generally conjures up a range of emotions that range from befuddlement to abject …

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Market Common Bank

Our Local Community Bank Branch Opens in Market Common Anderson Brothers Bank the Market Common Bank is a local institution that is 83 years old and began back in the 1930’s when tobacco farmers needed financing for their crop. During the recession, there wasn’t an option for farmers to secure funding, so the Anderson family …

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Market Common Cleaning

Redefining Clean for the Market Common GermBustMyBins began in Horry County in 2016 as Market Common Cleaning. Companies like it have been in existence in Europe for the past 30 years, but didn’t begin to appear in the U.S. until around 2007 or 2008. They’ve increased in popularity over the years, especially in the south, …

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Market Common Cigars

Bringing a Different Kind of Lounge to the Market Common Area The Cigar Shop and Market Common Cigars, just 5 minutes from the Market Common, in the Longbay Village shopping plaza, recently opened its doors to serve the cigar aficionados of Myrtle Beach, as well as those curious about the lifestyle. Large red flags, waving …

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Market Common Art Gallery

The streets of Market Common invite strolling and browsing, and the lovely art gallery on Nevers Street is harmonious with that tempo— giving us all one more reason to take pleasure in the beauty and diversity of this place. The Seacoast Artists Gallery was started about three and a half years ago by the Seacoast …

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Market Common School of Healthy Eating

Where Health and Practicality Walk Hand in Hand Tucked away in the Market Common, down the end of Howard Avenue, is a quaint, white building with inviting wicker furniture out front. Come close to the door and pretty cursive writing declares that you’ve arrived at Emma’s School of Healthy Eating. Inside, you’ll be introduced to …

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Market Common Dentistry

Treating Patients Like Family As if living in Market Common isn’t reason enough to smile with ease, Market Common Dentistry gives you more reasons to ash your smile with happiness. The small local dentist office has been located in our community for four years, and is run by Dr. James Mills. Dr. Mills graduated in …

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Properties at the Market Common

For business partners Jim Parker and John Jobson, it takes intelligence, experience, skill, resources, willpower, and passion to craft and deliver a successful product or service. Such is their belief, and such is the driving force and foundation for their business— Properties at the Market Common. These two men have brought their unique life and …

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Market Common Ballet

A Market Common Non-profit “When I was a young student coming from the Philippines,” Liza Mata tells me, “I thought that the Nutcracker was a ballet you could perform anytime of the year, like Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. But coming to the United States, I learned that every other dance company here stages it …

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Market Common Music

Dan O’Reilly is a musician with the jazz band UNI. He’s been living and playing music in Myrtle Beach for over twenty years. And he has a wonderful story to tell about how he started and what he offers to the Market Common crowd. “I’ve always been interested in music as far back as I …

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