AutoworX Part II

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Where Caring For Your Car is Customary


Mark Johnson, owner of AutoworX Hand Car Wash and Detail Center in Myrtle Beach, is passionate about keeping cars looking their best. The Wilmington native and car-detailing expert became turned onto his profession when he was still a teenager.


“A salesman paid me $25 to wash and wax his car,” Mark says. “It was one of the first jobs I ever had.”


Soon thereafter, he started a car washing business in his parent’s front yard and began devoting himself to learning everything he could about detailing, including the best products and methods to get the best results. Over the 35 years he’s been in this field, he evolved into an industry trailblazer and leading expert.


Mark helped found the grassroots organization, the Detail Mafia, now the most elite detailing group in the world, which maintains the Air Force One fleet at the Boeing Museum in Seattle, Washington. He is also part of a field test team for products, advising manufacturers on whether they should bring a new product to market or not. Mark has been on a number of television shows, including the Velocity channel, and travels the country detailing exclusive and one-of-a-kind vehicles for high-profile clients.


AutoworX Hand Car Wash and Detail Center, his brainchild, is a novel concept amongst car washes and detailing centers. All of the work is done by hand, preserving and protecting the finish of your vehicle from the brutality and ensuing damage of traditional car washes, but for a fraction of the cost and time that you would expect would accompany the level of service that Mark provides.


AutoworX offers customized hand-washing and detailing for your vehicle, boat, RV, or aircraft. There are a variety of wash packages which range from $17-$42, and their staff will help you determine the best one for your needs without you even leaving your car. A basic wash is $20, and includes an interior vacuum and cleaning of windows and all surfaces; a hand wash for the vehicle, rims, and wheels; and a blow dry— all which takes 20-30 minutes.

They also offer express detailing services, which typically take an additional 20-30 minutes and incorporate a variety of options including leather seat cleaning and conditioning and hand waxing. Most packages cost around $49. Their full detailing service includes paint correction and scratch, oxidation, inside-stain and odor removal.


“We can bring it back from the dead,” Mark says with a laugh.


As the detailing side of Mark’s business continued to grow, he searched for better ways to help his clients maintain the condition of their vehicles. He found ceramic coatings, a clear protective film which, when applied to your vehicle, adds an additional layer of protection between the finish and the elements. The film is applied to the front and leading edges of the car.


“It’s a game changer in terms of protecting the vehicle’s finish,” says Mark, who unsurprisingly, quickly became a leader in its application. “Once you have your car clean and waxed, and the scratches removed, or especially if it’s new, you want to maintain it properly. The ceramic coating will protect your car from the daily beating it receives and resist scratches and all the things out there in the world conspiring to tear your car up.”



Mark partnered with Ceramic Pro, which he believes is the best ceramic product on the market, and opened a Ceramic Pro Auto Spa as part of his facility.


“It allowed us a customer base of people who care about their car,” Mark says. “In the last 20 years, cars have become more personal and more valuable to the person. I know that detailing is as important as changing the oil in terms of resale value and taking care of the car.”


Mark is currently looking at opening other locations in the area. He has an existing location in Wilmington that covers the same services as the Myrtle Beach facility but with a heavier focus on boats, RVs, and aircraft. 

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