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Latoya Grayson – Director of Marketing

  • We are a publication sourcing current, local information about events, festivals, businesses and people that our readers want to know about.
    The market we serve wants to know about the services and products which you, the advertiser, offer; bringing you a decided advantage in advertising with us. We are a resource that provides our readers information about what is available to them locally.
  • We publish 41,000 copies monthly through the Post and Courier out of Charleston, SC. We’ve recently expanded our distribution into the South Strand area, and now reach over 21,000 residences (with an average of 2.5 readers per copy) and businesses through direct mail. As well as distribute 20,000 copies to 100 commercial locations along the Grand Strand.
  • We have a monthly readership that totals approximately 100,000 people (numbers sourced directly from the US Postal Service based on the average household).
  • 85% of our advertisers have committed to 6 to 12 month advertising agreements.



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