Little River Section: Business As Un-Usual: June 2020

The Little River Chamber has been working hard, diligently vetting all of our information and resources throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, to be your trusted resource for timely and accurate information about what’s happening in our neighborhood.

The product of our labor is a single resource page on our website which we invite you to visit:

In an effort to avoid Covid-19 fatigue, we curated this resource for you so as not to overwhelm your inbox and social media with multiple daily messages.

We have also published an eBook, Getting Back to Business, to help support the local businesses in our community as they consider their next steps as we begin to reopen. The eBook can also be found on our resource page.

Now that restrictions are relaxing and we are getting back to business, the chamber is featuring our members by spotlighting our area businesses.

We are showing what they are doing differently now, and how they are incorporating creative innovations into their daily business practices.

We are also showcasing the feel-good stories that our members shared with us for the past months—  and there are plenty! Check out our Facebook page to share in these amazing tales of flexibility and resiliency.

The lessons we learn create the foundation for a stronger future. Our community is beginning to reemerge. And many of the innovations we adopted are things we can continue to use going forward.

We may be doing things a little differently, so as we like to say, we are getting back to business as un-usual.

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