Modern Cleansing Wellness: Supporting Care for Your Body With the Gift of Health: August 2019

The owner of Modern Cleansing Wellness, Beth Luke Good, was born in Orlando, Florida.  Her father was a U.S. Air Force Officer, and transferred to Myrtle Beach when Beth was a year old. 

Beth has been a massage therapist for twenty-three years, and is a member of the NBCHT and I-ACT. 

Modern Cleansing Wellness has a lot to offer residents and visitors of Horry County in terms of holistic healing practices.  They provide services like massage therapy, electric lymphatic therapy, detox foot baths, ear candling, and colon hydrotherapy. 

Beth is certified in colon hydrotherapy and has instructor status.  Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of warm water into the colon which hydrates fecal matter and induces peristalses in the colon to expel fecal waste. 

Modern Cleansing Wellness now offers the Quantron Resonance System.  QRS technology is the number one rating for pemf systems.  QRS stimulates the body’s cells through clothes.  Modern Cleansing Wellness is the only business in South Carolina at this time offering QRS technology.  They are offering an introductory offer of $30.00 for 28 minutes (regular price $50.00).  For more information visit

Modern Cleansing Wellness also offers classes on doTerra Essential Oils—a well-known, high-quality brand of essential oils which are natural, effective and safe.  doTerra oils are 100%  pure, and can be used aromatically, topically and internally. 

Classes cover subjects on: headaches, sleep/calm, sinuses, immunity, joint pain, digestion, how to use essential oils, and will answer questions about you and your family’s health concerns.  There are products for purchase at Modern Cleansing Wellness, and for the month of September receive 15% off any retail purchase. 

Modern Cleansing Wellness can be found on the first weekend of the month at The Indoor Market at Murrells Inlet Mall.  The fall doTerra class schedule is every Wednesday at 10am, and on Saturday, September 28th. 

Visit their Facebook page for updated schedules, and call to RSVP for their classes.  Modern Cleansing Wellness offers single as well as package treatments.  Explore their website and call with questions or to schedule services.

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