Meet Your Neighbors – July 2018 – Jim and Carole Bowdre

Market Common Residents – Jim and Carole Bowdre

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family.

It’s my husband and I and our two dogs— a Yorkie named Arthur, and a Cavalier King Charles, Winston.  We have three daughters: Robyn McColl and her husband Lance, Dr. Holly Glover and her husband Andrew, and Blair Pitcher; and six grandchildren.  They all live in the Myrtle Beach area.

Why did you move to the Market Common area?

We purchased a funeral home in this area before the Market Common began its major developing, and wanted to live near our business.  We live in Lauderdale Bay.

Where are all the places you came from?

We moved from Bennettsville, South Carolina.  My husband Jim is from Virginia.  I grew up in Fayetteville, NC, but I’ve been in SC most of my life.

Do you have a favorite place in the Market Common?

I love Chicos.  They all know me by name in there.

What’s your favorite thing about living near Market Common?

It has shopping, dining, sports, festivals, and the theatre.  It offers everything; you really don’t have to leave the area. To me, I feel like I’m in an exclusive area.  It’s away from the hustle and bustle and traffic of Myrtle Beach.  It’s unique to the area.

What new activities have you taken up since moving here?

I enjoy walking around here.  A lot of times, I go to Market Common and take my dog.  It’s a different atmosphere there.  I love seeing all the fur babies.

Do you find people friendlier or more at ease?

I think the people in SC are very friendly in general.  And the people in Market Common are especially friendly.

Can you share one quirky fact with us about your family?

Our family is very close, and we never, ever miss a holiday or birthday; we always plan a big get-together.  It’s always a family-oriented thing.  Jim’s birthday is the Fourth of July, and we really go all out.

Is there anything that you miss or would like to see in the Market Common?

A nice grocery store, like Fresh Market.

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