A Message from the Editor – September 2016

Market Common Community

September is my favorite month at the beach. The weather turns cooler, the crowds thin out, and the traffic gets lighter. I’m looking forward to the temperature dropping even more, as tourist season draws to a close in the Market Common Community.

You know, starting a publication to connect our community has been one of my dreams for the past five years. And after much hard work and planning, we did it. My daughter, Megan Parker, has worked intensively with me for the past 9 months, and was instrumental in the design and creative aspects of this project. I’m grateful for her talents, time, and commitment to seeing it through with me, and also to Charlie for turning out to be one hell of a writer!

I’m pleased to introduce you in these pages to our talented Insider team, the faces and profiles behind the names, of the people who help bring my vision to creation every single day. We have a good, strong, and dedicated team, and this is why this publication is so strong. My gratitude to them, and to you, our reader, for your support, enthusiasm, and being a part of this community.

Also this month, our front-page feature dives deeply into the history of how the Market Common began. We reached out to the man who was responsible for bringing another vision to creation, who was there at the very beginning, Colonel Buddy Styers, to hear his story, and we’ll be continuing to tell the tale of the Market Common history in successive editions of the Insider. We hope you enjoy hearing about how this special place was birthed into being. Remember our present. Learning who came before us, acknowledging their struggles and humanity, recognizing their contributions reminds us of our own goals and abilities. It also grounds and connects us in intangible but important ways to the places we live, work, and visit. So this month, we’ll begin at the beginning, with the history of our Market Common.

Jim Parker, co-owner of Properties at the Market Common

Contact us with comments and suggestions for Market Common Community at community@marketcommoninsider.com

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