Meet Your Neighbors – September 2016- Kelly & Scott Shobe

Market Common Community
Scott and Kelly Shobe in the Market Common. - Photo by Meganpixels Parker

Market Common Residents Kelly and Scott Shobe

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family.

I’m Kelly Shobe, and Scott is my husband.  He’s the director of Golf and I’m the Director of Fitness and Nutrition at Gregg Norman Champions Golf Academy in North Myrtle Beach.  Each day we work with local, as well as international, students on their golf game.  My job is to get them in shape and Scott’s job is to help them improve their golf game.  We have two dogs, Duke and Hunter, who live with us; and two daughters, Caitlin and Morgan, who visit.

Where were you born?

I was born in Macon, GA and Scott was born in Huntington, West Virginia.

Where did you live before Myrtle Beach?

Atlanta, Georgia.

Why did you move to the Market Common?

We chose the Market Common because we like everything about it, especially the location.  We love having all the shops, restaurants, the beach, and everything we need close by; and we didn’t need the school district because our girls were older.  We like being within walking distance to activities every single weekend.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Market Common?

Gordon Biersch.  Scott loves their beer.

Do you have a favorite place in the Market Common?

Definitely the lake.  I love biking, walking or jogging around it.

How has your lifestyle changed since moving to the Market Common?

We have everything we need right here, so we drive less.  I have more time now to get to know my neighbors.  I’ve developed many friendships here, of all ages.  The people here all have different experiences and paths they’ve walked – they don’t mind sharing and they love to listen.  That’s the neatest aspect of what has changed the most.

What new activities have you taken up since moving here?

Yoga and Book Club, simply because they’re offered at Yoga in Common studio.

Any other reflections on your life here?

What I find unique about Market Common os that the people here encompass a broad spectrum of age ranges, from infants to retirees, and having that helps you develop deeper friendships I think, because then you learn about many life experiences.  That doesn’t exist in every community.

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