A Message from the Editor – August 2016

Market Common Paper

I’m pleased to bring you the August edition of the Market Common Paper “Insider.” It has been and continues to be rewarding to see the acceptance and gratitude for this type of publication in the community. It felt like there was a disconnect in our Market Common community, but now, as we begin to link businesses with the people behind them to residents, visitors, and each other— readers to our heritage, and farmers to our food— it feels like we’re offering a bridge to a more
 fulfilling way of interacting with our community.

In planning this edition, we chose to highlight the people involved with non-profits in the Market Common, who are contributing to a spirit of community by following their passion for the specific group they feel most drawn to help. We hope that you enjoy their stories, and we hope also to add more like them in future editions of the “Insider,” because reaching out and giving to others, be it with our time, money, or energy, is one of the ways in which community is built. Our publication is focused on the positives that all are contributing to.

With this in mind, one of our future goals is to be a resource for those who would like to be more involved with non-profit work. If you know of any non-profits in the area, please contact us at community@marketcommoninsider.com or drop by 2876 Howard Ave., Unit G. And as always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, questions and ideas.

Jim Parker, co-owner of Properties at the Market Common

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