Market Common History – June 2016

Market Common History
The area on which the Market Common Properties currently lies used to house a civil airport in October, 1937.

The 4,000-acre area, which we today call The Market Common, has a rich Market Common History. This location has served our area locally, regionally, and even nationally, as it was once the site of the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base until 1993. Although the base gas station, commissary, credit union, BX, barracks, chow hall, post office, and much more, are long gone, the present community now has a “town like” atmosphere consisting of townhouses, retail stores, and restaurants. In fact, many of the streets in the district are named after former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Wing and Base Commanders, or other notable Air Force members who were assigned to the base. The current Market Common property and it’s surrounding facilities offer residents, visitors and local citizens a vast array of opportunities for fun and community while preserving much of its past.

In each edition of the “Insider,” we will feature an article about the history of the area. Our main goal in this section is to acquaint you with The Market Common history as you read through future editions. There are reminders of the history of The Market Common all around; we will show you what they are. Let’s begin with a brief overview- an introduction to the area during its early days…

The area on which the Market Common Properties currently lies used to house a civil airport in October, 1937. Within three years, in June, 1940, it was taken over by the United States Army Air Corps Administration. It went through a few changes during the next few years, serving our country throughout World War II as well as housing the Myrtle Beach General Bombing and Gunnery Range from March, 1942, through November, 1943. Next it was named the Myrtle Beach Army Air Field from November, 1943 through September 18, 1947. Finally in 1947 the United States Air Force was founded, and the Myrtle Beach Air Force had commenced. This name was short-lived as the land was reverted to civilian control by November, 1947. Several years later, the land was again under the control of the United States Air Force and was utilized as The Myrtle Beach Air Force Base from April 1, 1956 through March 31, 1993. With a few bumps in the road and a lot of planning, the concept of the Market Common came to light and a plan was put into action. It was established in 2008.

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